Metal Nest
Easy Now
This Way
Laser Vision
Metal Grooves
Simple X
The Format
Neon Drain
Flip or Flop
Swipe Up
A Pair
Which Rainbow
Glowing Mold
Sun Leaf
Indian Food
Bark Pattern
Kuu Town
Grid Fingers
Breaking Point
Leaf Crossing
Holding Down the Leaf
Diamond Arc
Wall Grid
Stump Sign
Micro Pattern
Rocks on Top
Tarp in the Woods
Leaf Corner
Soft Grid
Chicago Threads
Post It Tree
Under Rocks
In the Dark
Peace Mold
Outlined Borders
Fern Splat
Tree Markers
Split Padding
One Eye Out
Cut Up Cups
Fired Up
Center Warp
In the Front
Candy Tree
Leaf Life
In the Hall
Deep Cracked Tree
End to End
Flower Brick
Safe Steps
Here, Here, and Over Here
Bloomington 2
Midnight Tile
Fern Window
Cold Shoulder
Where to Walk
Street Gang
Bloomington 1
Line it Up
Clear as a Reflection
Mirco Stuff
To the Right
Tough Times
First Doodad
Gritty Stripes
Blurred Leaves
Light White
Grid Carvings
Put on the A/C
Legs on the Ground
Fruit Tray
Nice Bricks
Knot Growth
Night Reflections
Sour Apples
Two Ladders
Black Star
Daily Mix
Gone Forever
That Cord
Kinda Broken
Before This Time
Caught Inside
Water Catcher
Perfect Blocks
Burnt Threads
Tree Corpse
Weird Magic
Drain Waterway
Dump No Waste
An Open Field
Cropped Out
Road Block
On a Log
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