Jan. 2016       The Marks We Make @ 106 Calvin Gallery - Grand Rapids MI


Collaborative exhibition with Kate Garman and Monica Lloyd. Our similar interests in contemporary colors, pattern, and form urged us to propose a group exhibition at Calvin College's 106 Gallery. Each of us created our own work aside from the work we created collaboratively. Living across the state from the other artists, all we had during the process was sending images via text and email. We each contributed to the three collaborative works that are made of mixed media (fiber/paint/pencil/found objects/paper). The results were revealed during the install and were a good surprise. Photo credit: Kate Garman

Jan. 2016        Sticks & Squares  @ UICA - Grand Rapids, MI 

The Rejects - Before they were given much love, these paintings were very different and discarded in a box in some corner of the studio. These paintings came from much larger works that never reached completion and gave me a total, irreversible headache which is why they were rejected. Even though they were rejected by me at one point in time, I like to keep those bad experiments around but hidden, hoping that someday when I have forgotten why I was ever even frustrated with them I can rediscover them and have a solution! It usually always works and I recommend to every artist out there who makes bad stuff sometimes to not just throw it away in the heat of the moment...you may be surprised by them someday and see something different. 

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore 2015. 

Summer 2014.

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Inspiration: DEtroit, MI.  July 2014

NEW work. June 2014 

DIA. May 2014 

The Temporary New Garage Studio. May 2014- 


Closing reception of Unknown Systems at Craft House, Grand Rapids, MI. April 4, 2014

Installing B.F.A. thesis exhibition at Craft House, Grand Rapids, MI. April 2014

Brooklyn Bridge - Mar. 2014

Lake Michigan, Grand Haven, MI    Jan. 2014

Some reference photos. 2013 

Inspired from : http://www.mariogiacomelli.it/